#08 Chase Yang on Acting, Near-Death Experience, World Travel • Everyday Journey Podcast

February 28, 2018

#08 Chase Yang on Acting, Near-Death Experience, World Travel


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Today’s guest is Chase Yang, a California native, entrepreneur, ex-tech startup employee, world traveler, and video blogger. He runs a business online that allows him to be location-independent. He brings with him an ungodly amount of gear and uses every bit of it to create photo and video content.

We met at Punspace, the semi-famous coworking space in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chase was working diligently on his video blog and editing photos while sweating excruciating details. I saw that he cared about quality and was willing to pay the price. During this interview we talked about Chase cutting the chains of in-office employment, burning the boats to start his online online business and leaving his relaxing home turf of LA behind to explore South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He is a trained actor and we talked about how acting can help you in life. We touched on Chase’s near-death experience after a horrific motorcycle accident. He also gives some indispensable tips on how to be productive while traveling. Enjoy!

Chase Yang


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