#03 Hassan Ahmad, Entrepreneur and Doctor • Everyday Journey Podcast

February 23, 2017

#03 Hassan Ahmad, Entrepreneur and Doctor


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My guest today is an entrepreneur and a doctor. He works at a hospital in Sydney, Australia and is a co-founder of a startup that produces and sells socks for good causes. He’s lived in various locations around the world pursuing an internship at the European Office of the World Health Organization. Recently he gave a talk at TedX on the subject of selfishness. As a good Aussie he loves his pet wombat, drinks Fosters, and hunts crocodiles in the outback. Dear listeners, I give you Hassan Ahmad!

We talked about Australia’s wildlife, growing up in rural outback, partying with DJ dad, boarding school, becoming a doctor, world travels, entrepreneurship, giving a TED talk, and social media influence.


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