Everyday Journey Podcast

Informal interviews with outstanding people



  • #13 Leo Luganskiy On Making A Career Out Of Passion For Music
  • #12 Cristine Chen on Social Media, Mental Health and 3rd Culture Kids
  • #11 Brett Whiteside on Learning Languages and Living In Asia
  • #10 Kurt Lindstrom On Big City Life and Ayahuasca Rituals
  • #09 Sergio Sala: From Working in Office in Mexico To Creative Digital Nomad Lifestyle
  • #08 Chase Yang on Acting, Near-Death Experience, World Travel
  • #07 João, the Traveling Supergeek On Running Online Business and Keys to Success
  • #06 Nomadic Ninja Matt Barnicle: Physical Training, Coding, and DJing
  • #05 Richard Sarvate on Comedy, Quitting Tech, and Funny Business
  • #04 Sina Jazayeri on Iran, Being a Musician, and Web Technologies
  • #03 Hassan Ahmad, Entrepreneur and Doctor
  • #02 Jitse Schuurmans, Romance and Dating Lecturer
  • #01 Philip Winiger, Musician, Singer, and Techie